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Azienda Olivicola Petrazzuoli

The Olive Oil Company “Petrazzuoli” is located between the hills of Caiazzo (a small town nearby Naples), in the town of Ruviano, an excellent district for the production of the extra-virgin olive oil, as a part of the European Union projects “City of Olive Oil” and “High Quality Olive Oil”.
The Company “Petrazzuoli” extends to over 70,000 square meters, exclusively cultivated with olive trees, most of them centuries-old, that color and scent the landscape. Petrazzuoli family has an ancient history that goes back to

the twelfth century, when the Prince of Capua entrusted the management of his lands to some members of the “Petra” family, which started the production of olive oil with craftsmanship. Petra’s olive oil, already renowned at the time, gave its contribution to change the family name from “Petra” to “Petra-zzu-Oli”, including forever in its name the family tradition. In recent years, the family descendant Giovanni Petrazzuoli, recovered and restarted the renowned olive oil production, reconnecting to the old Petra’s farming techniques such as the

“green manure” (a natural and efficient method to fertilize the soil with the nitrogen of leguminous cover crop, a method utilized also in organic agriculture). This technique allows respect for nature during the entire production chain, assuring a fresh and genuine product.
Olive trees are fed and cuddled as the expectant mother feeds her child in the womb, ensuring a healthy and vigorous growth of the tree, and without artificial handling give their fruit, allowing the making of a precious product: extra-virgin olive.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Fontana Lupo

Extra-virgin olive oil with a slightly fruity taste of green olive; its aroma has pleasant herbaceous notes, with hints of olive and tomato; its taste has a perfect bitter-peppery balance.



Limited edition extra-virgin olive oil made with olives from centuries-old trees; its aroma has hints of grass, artichoke and tomato, while its taste is slightly bitter and peppery. It is sold in fire-marked and sealed wooden boxes.



Extra-virgin olive oil with a slightly fruity taste of green olive; its aroma is fruity with hints of grass and apple; its taste is sweet at first, then slightly bitter and peppery.

Awarded with the 3 leaves in the prestigious Gambero Rosso Guide to Italian Oils 2020


Listed among the 500 best olive companies in the world for the prestigious Flos Olei 2020 Guide


Silver medal at the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2020


Bronze medal for the Fontana Lupo label at the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2020


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Azienda Olivicola Petrazzuoli

Address: Via Scoccilli 27, Ruviano (Ce) – Italy
Phone: (+39) 346 064 9866

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